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(Note about these links, and others throughout this webpage - as veteran websurfers know, webpages come and go, and URLs change. You may find some broken links below, but if page owners do not notify others of their new URL, I cannot update the links shown here.)

U.S. Army in Germany  -  --  Walter Elkins' excellent site of detailed pages covering all aspects of the U.S. Army's history in Germany since the end of World War II. Many photos of Wehrmacht posts and barracks, and Cold War sites.

Third Reich Locations  -  --  Great photo page showing what several Third Reich locations look like today.

Places of World War II  -   --  great links to photo studies of numerous Third Reich sites

Digital History Archive  -  --  sales of photos from the U.S. National Archives

The Hitler Pages  -  --  historic sites associated with Hitler's life

Military History Museums in Germany  -

World War Two Cemeteries Guide  - 

Forgotten History  -  --  The forgotten history of military barracks in Germany - covers mostly Wehrmacht barracks in northern Germany

The Ultimate Guide to World War 2 Records  -  --  How to find and research World War 2 records.

Axis History Factbook  -  --   an online encyclopedia covering many topics, with many links to lots of other good sites

Freund Hein's Homepage  - -- Many photos and links about WW2 (and other) sites in Germany - on the left border, click on Links, then on War & Travel (mostly in German)

German War Memorials  -, - World War II links page  -

World War II in the News  -  --  a daily edited review of World War II related news and articles

"After the Battle"  -  --  magazines and books of then-and-now views

Zeitreisen Verlag publishers  -  --  videos, DVDs, books, and other products about Third Reich history

Der Freiwillige Military Antiques  -   --  quality Third Reich artifacts and memorabilia

BEGAFILM  -  --  Films about the history of Berchtesgaden and the Obersalzberg, and other historic World War II sites

The following companies provide commercial tours of various sites (I cannot specifically recommend any of these as I have not taken any of these tours myself; however, the quality of tours in Munich and Berlin apparently depends a lot on who you get for a tour guide - most of these guides are not specialists in Third Reich history):

Berchtesgaden - Eagle's Nest Tours (tours in English of the Obersalzberg, Eagle's Nest, Salzburg) -

Nürnberg - "Geschichte für Alle" -

Munich - Munich Walk Tours -

Berlin - New Berlin Third Reich Tour -


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