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(Note - Since this page was written a large memorial has been erected at this site, and the site may not be as isolated or as hard to locate as it previously was.)

Visiting the Mühldorf Weingut Site  

Park at the Innbau cement firm, at the back of the lot, near where the entry road enters the woods (this road going into the woods is closed to private vehicles). (Do not enter the cement firm grounds – just park along Kraiburger Strasse, before the unpaved road enters the woods.)  

GPS - Kraiburger Strasse 3, 84562 Mettenheim, Germany, N 48.24277, E 12.46427  

Walk on this unpaved road, into the woods, for 8-10 minutes. You will come to a clearing where the larger trees have been cut down and smaller trees have been planted – take the dirt road that goes to the left here (there is sometimes a small blue sign pointing the way to the left).  

Continue on this dirt road, staying on the main path as the road curves (follow any small blue signs that you see – you will also see concrete pieces off the path to the right). In a few minutes walk, the road makes a 90-degree curve to the right. After this curve, the Weingut ruins site is off on the left side.  

A short distance past the 90-degree curve, there is a small path to the left. Taking this path will allow a good view of the remaining concrete arch (Arch 7), across the ruins of the collapsed Arches 5 and 6. You can walk out onto Arch 5 here, and down toward the center of the ruins, onto collapsed Arch 6, and under the standing Arch 7. CAUTION – There are pieces of rebar sticking up a few inches all over these collapsed arches, and you need to keep a good eye on your walking path so as not to trip on this rebar. There are also pieces of broken concrete and gaps between the collapsed arch segments that you have to watch out for.  

The remains of the air raid shelters are on either side of the front end of Arch 7 – the end that faces away from the collapsed arches behind. Pass under the arch to where you see the interpretive marker on the right. One shelter ruin is a little behind this marker, and the other ruin is on the opposite side, past the arch, following the gravel path.  

If you want to see the remains of the gravel removal tunnel, this site can be particularly hard to find. Walk straight out from the center of the front side of the arch, following the gravel path. You will come to an area where this path divides into an oval shape, going around a small clump of trees and meeting again on the other side. Just beyond here, there is a path that slopes down to the right – you can see three large pieces of broken concrete along this path, on the right side, as it slopes down the hill. Just stay on this path going in the same direction, and you will eventually come to the remains of the gravel removal tunnel (you will know you are going the right way when you pass the remains of a VW Beetle in a depression off the right side of the path).


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